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Why CodeNOW

Ops made easy

You know how to code. Algorithms, data structures, all that. Or maybe, you know, just get things done. It works on your computer, good start!

It is not enough. It has to work in the cloud so users can access it from anywhere and enjoy the results of your hard work.

It is still not enough…

Your application will crash. It could be one of those Frodo bugs that escape the eye of Sauron. It could be that the server is having a bad day. It could be anything. End-users won’t like it.

Your Super Mario Broth copycat game is big in Japan, so much so that it crawls under the hordes of enthusiast users. That’s a nice problem to have. A problem still it is, young Padawan.

Drama aside, this is just to say that while Dev-ing amazing features goes a long way, you can’t neglect Ops: cloud deployment, crash recovery, scalability, high availability, security, all the -ities. Or if you prefer: just works, always on, blazing fast. Top Mario Brass, your fiercest competitor, is like that.

CodeNOW makes Ops easy enough that you do it all yourself without a care in the world. Ship apps with the best features (that’s on you) with the best end-user experience cloud infrastructure can give (Cloud Native Ops - that’s on us). That’s our vision anyways.

In short, CodeNOW helps you deliver applications that:

  • recover automatically from failure
  • are easy to rollback when there is a bug at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning
  • automatically maintain a high level of availability, be it Black Friday or White Monday

Like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and all the top guys — but without a Ph.D. in AWS or Kubernetes.

Get started!