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New Application Component

πŸ•“ 10 minutes

What you’ll learn​

  • How to create a new Application Component that will contain the source code for a specific application logic.

What is a CodeNOW Application Component?​

  • Components in the Microservice architecture encapsulate a separate application logic, for example user details, billing, shipping and others.
  • Application Components contain the source code for the given Application in separate Git repositories.
  • Components have a separate versioning scheme (Each Component is versioned by its Builds).

An application in the microservices architecture is described by the application components and their orchestration.



1. Navigate to the Application Detail for the Application you want to create a Component for and click Choose Action>Create New Component.​


2. Choose a name and a description for the Application Component.​


3. Select a technology stack (Language / Build Tool / Framework) that you want to use in the Application Component (Set up Your Stack)​


If you want to use external Docker images or change how an Application is deployed with the Helm Charts, see Using custom cluster configuration and Docker images in CodeNOW.

CodeNOW currently supports these combinations of technologies:

4. (Java and PHP only) Edit the Package name in Starter Configuration​


5. (Optional) Connect third party Services integrated in CodeNOW​


If you want to connect a new service such as Kafka or Redis to your application component, see:


6. Click Create Component and wait for the Component to be created.​

7. Set up your Local Environment​

See the component details for additional information about the component, including how to clone this project to your local environment.


7.1. Using the Component Git repository​

  • Clone the Git repository using your favourite Git management tool.
    • Use your personal SSH key and start the development.
  • You can also connect to your repository via HTTP(S).
    • Use the same email and password you use to log in to CodeNOW.

Your personal SSH key.


Connect via HTTP(S).


7.2. Set up your Local Environment for the specific Component technologies​

Follow the instructions in the Set up local environment in the detail of your component. Instructions vary depending on the stack you choose.


What’s next?​

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