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Component Scaling

🕓 5 minutes

What you’ll learn#

How to horizontally scale your deployed application in the CodeNOW environment so that your application will be more efficient and performant.



  1. Go to "Deploy application" , find the "Runtime Configuration" section and expand it.

    • There you see all your application components with their configuration for horizontal scaling. You are able to change them for every component that is a part of your application.
    • The value can be changed for the following parameters:
      • "resources.requests.memory"
        • the desired amount of memory that will be guaranteed to be allocated
      • "replicaCount"
        • the desired number of pods to be run
      • "resources.limits.cpu"
        • the desired number of computing units that will be guaranteed to be allocated
      • "resources.limits.memory"
        • the upper boundary of memory to be allocated
      • "resources.requests.cpu"
        • the upper boundary of computing units to be allocated
    • For detailed information of these parameters see:
  2. You can also change runtime configuration in the already deployed application.

    • To achieve this, go to deployed application details, find the "Runtime configuration" and follow STEP 1.


Step 1.1


Step 1.2


Step 2.1


Step 2.2


What’s next?#

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