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Statistics and DORA Metrics

🕓 5 minutes

What you’ll learn​

Every application in My Applications has its own card that displays some useful statistics. You will learn what those statistics mean and how to make them work.



Git Statistics​

The main page of the Application Cart displays information related to two indicators: Changed Lines and Commits. Totals are computed over the last 6 months. You can also see your most active developers sorted in descending order by the number of changed lines in the code of your application.



If you move your cursor to the Deployments section, you can see an overview of all your deployments that includes the application package version, the environment of the application, and the state of the application in the environment.



If you move your cursor to the Deployments section, you can see an overview of all your components in your application that includes the build version, the quality gate assessment ("OK" when the quality gate tests are passed) and the code coverage achieved by the unit tests. To get coverage data displayed, you first have to build your component. Otherwise, the message "No Builds Available" will be displayed.


DORA Metrics​

DORA Metrics are metrics used to indicate the performance of a software development team. For more information, see the DORA Metrics by Google Cloud.


You must set up the Production Environment for your application. Otherwise, the DORA Metrics will not work for your application.


You won't see your DORA metrics working immediately after setting up the Production Environment (DORA metrics are calculated once every 24 hours). The displayed metric level (e.g., Elite, High, Medium, Low) is computed from the activity of the last 6 months. The displayed metric trend (e.g., Increasing, Stable, Decreasing) compares the metric level computed over 6 months to the metric level computed over the last month.

Set up Production Environment​

  1. Go to the detail of your application.
  2. Choose your Production Environment.

Deployment Frequency​

Average number of days with at least one deployment.


Lead Time for Changes​


Change Failure Rate​

The percentage of changes to the production environment that result in a degraded service.


What's next?​

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