Javascript React Local Development

🕓 15 minutes

What you’ll learn#

How to set up your local development environment for:

  • Javascript React
  • Run the developed component in the local development mode on your machine.


Prepare local development IDE#

  • Clone code from the created git repository to your local machine.
  • Use your favourite IDE. You must have:
  • To run the project in local development setup, check
    • For installation of the required npm modules, go to project root and run the command below
      • npm install
    • To start the project in development mode, run the command
      • npm start
    • The application starts in development mode on the local machine, running on default port 3000
  • You can start your browser now and go to http://localhost:3000

What’s next?#

Now you are ready to start with some development. See the other developer manuals.