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Permissions and Users

🕓 10 minutes

What you’ll learn​

  • How to add a new user to your team.
  • How to grant permissions to your team.



This tutorial consists of two parts:

  1. Adding Member​

  • Go to your team detail.

    navigation to team detail
  • Click on "Choose Action" and select "Add Member".

  • Select the user who you want to add as a member of your team and confirm

  1. Adding Permission​

  • In your team detail, click on "Choose Action" and select "Add permission".

  • Select the resource type you want to target.

  • Select the resource from the list.

  • Select all permission types (multiple choices are available).


After you are done with these two steps, the users who you later add to a team will have all the permissions that have been granted to the team.

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