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Welcome to DOCS

Our documentation consists of four main parts: Overview, Manuals, Tutorials and Articles.

  • Overview summarizes the goals CodeNOW aims to achieve and provides an explanation of how CodeNOW operates.
  • In Manuals, you will find out how to use various features of CodeNOW.
  • In Tutorials, we demonstrate the use of CodeNOW with specific tech stacks. Tutorials are divided into:
    • Get Started with CN, where you'll develop a simple application using CodeNOW (videotutorials included).
    • Customize, where you'll learn about the use of custom tech stacks with CodeNOW as well as customization possibilites CodeNOW provides.
    • Coding examples, where we demonstrate the use of CodeNOW on specific examples using Java and ReactJS.
  • In Articles, we explain how certain development patterns work. Typically, an article is accompanied by a tutorial that demonstrates the practical application of the theoretical concepts presented in the article.