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What is CodeNOW

  • CodeNOW provides full self-service in DevOps cycle, thus, enabling you to focus on business logic completely and omit technological issues.

  • CodeNOW is a platform that brings together a variety of widely-used open-source tools to support cloud-native, DevOps, and microservice development.

  • CodeNOW provides a unified interface for developers, allowing them to access and use these tools easily and efficiently.

  • CodeNOW accelerates time-to-market, and enables your company to stay ahead of competition.

  • CodeNOW integrates tools (such as Kubernetes, Tekton, Prometheus, ...) to support continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows.

  • CodeNOW enables organizations to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing developers to focus on delivering value to customers.

  • CodeNOW's use of open-source technologies allows organizations to avoid vendor lock-in and have greater control over their infrastructure and development processes.

  • By using CodeNOW, organizations can increase the speed and scalability of their development efforts, allowing them to stay competitive in the marketplace.

  • CodeNOW also provides visibility and insight into the entire development process, enabling teams to identify and resolve bottlenecks more quickly and effectively.

  • CodeNOW supports collaboration between different teams, allowing organizations to better align their development efforts with business objectives.

  • CodeNOW provides a self-service platform for developers, enabling them to manage their own development environments and deploy applications with ease.