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Tracing and Logging - Certification 3


  1. Open Ticket reservation demo app.

  2. Open the fe-reservation component deployed on Public environment and create at least one reservation. (Hint: Open in browser)

  3. Turn on Developer Tools in your web browser (Hint: F12 > Network > Fetch/XHR).

  4. Create another ticket reservation and find traceID.

    • Use your email address
    • Save traceID for the following tasks.

    How to find traceID

  5. Find your traceID in the CodeNOW tracing tool (Jaeger). (Hint: See Tracing chapter below.).

  6. Find log (related to traceID) in seat-reservation-api

    Tracing in CodeNOW

    Where to find request body in CodeNOW

  7. Find the warningslogs retated to seat-reservation-bl in last 3 hours.

Self Study


  • Q: What is Software Factory as a service?
  • Q: What can I do with CodeNOW?
    • A: CodeNOW is a Value Stream Delivery Platform that helps developer teams shorten the time between commit and production — between customer needs and delivered customer features. CodeNOW’s DevOps VSDP implements cloud-native best practices used by digital leaders (microservices, containers, service meshes, continuous integration, continuous deployment, infrastructure as code, immutable deployment, observability, distributed tracing, and many more). Our VSDP automates the grunt work so you can focus on writing code that delivers features, knowing that you will automatically get reproducible deployments, automatically scalable and resilient services, baked-in application security, and best-in-class disaster recovery tools.
  • Q: What is Value Stream Delivery Platform?
  • Q: What's an API?
  • Q: What's REST API?
  • Q: What's cURL?






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