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Teams and User Permissions - Certification 2

What you’ll learn

  • How to invite a new user, add a user to a team and set up the permissions to resources.


Ask our support team for help. Use the Support button in the CodeNOW.

Task 1 - Invite a new user to the CodeNOW

  1. Invite yourself (create another user) to the CodeNOW platform and assign the new user a USER role.
    • You can use your standard Stratox/G-mail address with e.g. +test or +user1
      •, e.g. [email protected] or [email protected].
      • This utilizes a Google e-mail alias feature. You will receive the invitation in your regular Stratox/G-mail inbox.
  2. Create a new user from the invitation form.
  3. Check if new user has an access to the platform and logout.

Task 2 - Add a user to a new team

  1. Log in to CodeNow platform as an user with admin role.
  2. Create a new Team named <YourLastName>-FrontEndDevTeam
  3. Add yourself to the Team <YourLastName>-FrontEndDevTeam
  4. Add the new user (created in Task 1) to the Team <YourLastName>-FrontEndDevTeam
  5. Add komarem-playground2-april22 user to the Team <YourLastName>-FrontEndDevTeam.(Valid only for Playground.)

Task 3 - Setup the access control for your new team

  1. Setup the team permissions

    • Give the <YourLastName>-FrontEndDevTeam a Viewer permission for the following resources:
      • "Application", named testapp-<YourLastName>
      • "Component", named frontend-component-<YourLastName>
  2. Setup user permissions

    • Give your new user Developer permission for the resource "Component" named api-component-<YourLastName>
  3. Test the new permissions

    • Try to build frontend-component-<YourLastName>
    • Try to build api-component-<YourLastName>

You should be able to build only api-component-<YourLastName>.

Task 4 - Send DONE report

  1. Send DONE message (email/slack message)