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Custom CI pipelines


Public access to default CodeNOW CI pipelines is in progress. Contact our support team if you need it.

CodeNOW provides its users with default CI pipelines that include a given set of tasks. The CI pipelines are used for the component build. You should consider creating a custom build pipeline if you need to:

  • modify a task or create a new one
  • change the default parameters
  • support custom technology stacks

Proceed only if you really know how to do so, a wrong definition of your custom pipeline could lead to a broken build of your component!



  1. Click on the Custom Pipelines Definition under CI/CD section in the sidebar menu
    • which will redirect you to the git repository with custom pipelines

If you cannot see Custom Pipelines Definition in the sidebar, you probably don't have the ADMIN role. Ask your administrator to grant you this role, if you wish to continue this tutorial.

  1. Follow the instructions in the file
  2. After your custom pipeline is created, go to the detail of your component and select your custom pipeline

You might come across a situation when a build of your component with your custom pipeline ends up in the LOST state. In that case, go to the Custom Pipelines Status, delete the pods of event-listener and ArgoCD will automatically create new. If this solution doesn't help, please contact our support team.