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Create Application Package

🕓 10 minutes

What you’ll learn

How to create an application package in CodeNOW. An application package is required in order to deploy multiple application components together (meaning an application).


  1. Go to the detail of your application, under Packages, click on Create New Application Package
    • or select Choose Action -> Create New Package
  2. Enter the version for the application package
    • the version should be in the following format - major.minor.patch where major, minor and patch are non-negative integers
    • you may select Major, Minor or Patch buttons
      • these increment the corresponding number of the last version
  3. Optionally add labels for the application package
    • these can describe important changes or anything worth noting about the package
  4. Select which components and what version of them should be included in the application package
  5. Click on Confirm to create the application package


  • To view the full history of actions considering application packages click History button under Packages. You can see CREATE, EDIT and DELETE actions there.

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