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Users and Teams

Create teams and users in CodeNOW to reflect the organizational structure of your software development project. CodeNOW's role-based access control mechanism (RBAC) allows setting fine-grained permissions both at the team and individual user level. Providing the right set of permissions to users has two complementary effects: users can perform the operations necessary to fulfill their development tasks (e.g., build and deploy a given component); users cannot access unauthorized resources or perform unauthorized operations (e.g., deploy a component another team is responsible for).

For a thorough introduction to the permission model, see Role-Based Access Control. For a concrete example, see our back-end team example. See What permissions do I need to perform this operation? to identify the permissions needed by team members.

This section contains the following step-by-step instruction guides:

See existing teamsSee existing users
Create a teamInvite new users
Grant/Revoke team permissionsGrant/Revoke permissions to user
Add users to a teamCancel user invitation
Delete teamDelete user
Remove user from teamEdit user role