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Build Application Component

🕓 10 minutes

What you’ll learn

How to build the application component in the CodeNOW environment.

CodeNow offers you two options for component building: release and preview.

  1. Release build has its own version and no steps are skipped during the build process.

    • If your code contains any major errors, the build will fail.
    • You can check the quality of your code using the SonarQube static analysis after the component is built.
  2. The main intention of the preview build is to quickly check whether the new changes work properly inside the deployed application.

    • This type of build doesn't have a version.
    • During this build, unit tests are disabled
    • Preview build is automatically deployed into the chosen environment using the pre-existing configurations.


Release build

  1. Build a new component version
    • An application release must contain only released components because it makes clear which fixed bugs and newly developed features are contained in a particular build.
    • A released component:
      • is tagged in git
      • is uploaded to the nexus artifact repository.
    • During the build process, unit tests are enabled.
    • Developers can check the build progress by clicking on the Build Detail link or in CI/CD Builds Overview.
New release
  1. Inspect your code quality
    • All builds have their code quality checked using SonarQube.
    • You can view results of the analysis with Static Analysis.
    • A code quality check is a good first-line measure to evaluate overall code quality.
    • If the code quality is too low, improve your code and build a new component version (STEP 1).
Code quality check
  1. Repeat STEP 1 and STEP 2 for each improved application component.

Preview build

  1. If you made some changes in one of the components and want to make a quick check before the release build, you can create a preview build.
    • The major differences from the release build is that during the build process, the unit testing are skipped. If the application contains errors, it may happen that the preview build was successful, but the deployed application doesn't work properly.
New preview

Component build history

You can view all previous builds in Build History

  • You can change the number of displayed latest builds in Configuration of your component by changing the Max Size of Builds Queue (default value is 5).
Change Max Size of Build History

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