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Create Application

In CodeNOW, application is an entity that encapsulates one or more Application Components. For example, an application could consist of two components - backend and frontend, that cooperate in order to form a website.


  1. Select Applications in the left sidebar, click on Create New Application
  2. Fill in the form:
    1. Choose and enter the Application name
      • This name will appear in the user interface
    2. Optionally change Technical name
      • This name will be used internally as an ID for your application
      • It is automatically generated, but feel free to change it
    3. Optionally enter Description of your applicaiton
    4. Check/uncheck All environments under Select related environments
      • If checked, you will be able to deploy to any environment
      • Otherwise, you will be able to deploy to related environments only
    5. Optionally add Production environment
      • This enables tracking of DORA metrics for your application
      • You will be prompted before deploying to production environment
    6. Click Confirm to create the application

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