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Cluster Management

CodeNOW provides you with an interface to monitor and manage clusters.

Cluster Overview

To access this feature, just select Clusters under Infrastructure & Security. A brief overview of every cluster awaits you on this page. You may find information about requested/maximum consumption of CPU and Memory on a given cluster. Additionally, you can see how many Nodes, Pods and Volumes are contained within a cluster. If you wish to inspect a particular cluster more thoroughly, you may choose the desired cluster by clicking on its name.

Clusters page

Cluster Details

On a cluster's page you may find additional attributes and details of a chosen cluster. That includes some general information like your Cloud Provider and Domain name as well as parameters of particular nodes contained in your cluster. Nodes that are highlighted as yellow contain a Pod that doesn't have CPU/Memory request set.

More detailed description of a Node is provided on its own Details page.

Cluster Management page

Node Details

All Pods of a given Node are listed on its Details page. For each Pod you can find its CPU/Memory reguests, number of containers it runs on, its deployment Environment and Status of its deployment. If a Pod doesn't have CPU/Memory request set, its row is highlighted as yellow (warning).

Node Details

Cluster Update and Billing information

Owners may also Request Cluster Update. That means they can modify allocated resources (CPU, Memory, number of Nodes). Besides modifying your cluster, you can also inspect Billing Information considering your Subscription on this page (that includes discounts, taxes, etc.).

Request Cluster Update