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Runtime configuration and scaling

🕓 5 minutes

What you’ll learn

How to horizontally scale your deployed application in the CodeNOW environment in order to make your application more efficient and more performant.



CodeNOW lets you set the following parameters:

  • Number of running instances: number of pods to be run
  • CPU request: number of computing units that are guaranteed to be allocated
  • CPU limit: upper boundary of computing units to be allocated
  • Memory request: amount of memory that is guaranteed to be allocated
  • Memory limit: upper boundary of memory to be allocated

for detailed information, see Kubernetes documentation

Set runtime configuration while deploying

  1. Find your application in CodeNOW. On the bottom of the page of you application, under Deployments, select Deploy
  2. On the first step of the deployment process, fill in your chosen environment and application package. Once you have done that, click Next.
  3. Keep going until you reach step labeled as Runtime Configuration. There is a dropdown menu corresponding to your application components.
  4. Unfold the dropdown of your desired application component. Now you can change runtime configuration for that component.

Change runtime configuration of deployed application

  1. Find your already deployed application. Select Detail.
  2. From the upper menu, select Runtime Config.
  3. Now you should see a dropdown menu for each of your application components. Once you are finished, click Save & Redeploy